Easyvest beliefs

At Easyvest, we have 5 simple beliefs when it comes to investing and personal finance management.

Belief #1: Follow the market

It is extremely difficult to beat the market consistently in the long run. Don’t spend useless time and money trying to pick the “right” stock: just buy the world stock market.

Belief 1

Belief #2: Bear a risk you tolerate

We are not all equal when it comes to risk bearing. Figure out the risk-return trade-off that works best for you considering your risk tolerance, investment horizon, an financial goals.

Belief 2

Belief #3: Stick to a plan

There is no “right” time to enter or exit the market. Buy a portfolio that matches your risk profile, hold it, and rebalance it periodically to keep it aligned with your risk profile.

Belief 3

Belief #4: Keep costs low

High fees compound over time and lead to poor financial performance. Invest in financial products and services that have a low cost for more returns.

Belief 4

Belief #5: Invest early in life

The earlier you start and the longer you hold, the greater your patrimony down the road thanks to the compounding interest marvels. Don’t wait to be rich to start investing.

Belief 5
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