Organize an Easylunch

Our Easylunchs are a unique way to improve your financial knowledge during a pleasant lunch hosted by Easyvest.

What is an Easylunch?

Our Easylunchs are educational group sessions that aim at enabling you to make more rational and efficient investment decisions. We come to your workplace or at home and bring a good meal for all participants.

Why organize an Easylunch?

Investing is not taught in school, but we all face it sooner or later. This lack of education leads us to follow our instincts and make suboptimal or damaging decisions. Thanks to our Easylunchs, you will make more informed investment decisions that will turn more profitable over the long run.

To whom is addressed the Easylunch?

To everybody. Whether you are investing already or have never dared, whether you're a graduate or retiree, whether you are a working woman or a house man, even if you are a finance expert, our Easylunchs will teach you something useful to improve your financial decisions.

What do we learn during the Easylunch?

You will discover or rediscover fundamental financial principles that apply to everyone. These principles will help you quickly streamline your investment decisions, design an appropriate savings plan your savings and prepare your life projects.

How to organize an Easylunch?

Complete the form below and we'll do the rest. We come to your workplace or at home, bring lunch and prepare the necessary materials. You work in an office and would like to share this with your colleagues? Talk to your HR manager about this initiative and tell him to contact us directly. You are not available at lunch time? No worries, we can adapt to our schedule.

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