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What is passive investing ?

Passive investing is an investment strategy used since the early 1970s with its roots in academic research. Passive investing is opposed to active investing in the sense that it does not aim to beat the market by selecting specific stocks offering potential higher returns or by trying to time the market.

How much does wealth management cost in Belgium?

In its latest report Global Fund Investor Experience 2015 Morningstar analyzes the management fees applicable in Belgium and estimates the average fee to 1,43%. Morningstar is an independent company leader in investment analysis that follows the performance of thousands of investment funds and management companies and publishes annually a report on performance and management fees applicable worldwide.

What is diversification and why is it important?

Diversification is the application of the adage "Do not put all your eggs in one basket." In finance, it means is investing in various financial assets simultaneously to reduce the overall risk of loss of your portfolio. In 1952, Harry Markowitz Nobel prize has shown that a person who invests in two different companies, each with the same return on investment and the same risk, holds a portfolio less risky but with the same performance than a person that invests exclusively in one of these companies. Diversification therefore eliminates some of the financial risk while generating the same return on investment. Markowitz added that stock prices of both companies must be “de-correlated" to observe a reduced risk. To illustrate this concept, consider two listed companies: AirlineCo and FuelCo. AirlineCo is an airline that carries passengers by air from point A to point B. FuelCo is an oil company which provides the fuel needed by AirlineCo to fly its planes.

What is rebalancing?

Rebalancing is the process of periodically realigning a portfolio to its risk profile when it deviates from its equilibrium. Consider an investor who has a portfolio that initially consists of 50% of equities and 50% of bonds. Over time, it is expected that equities will grow more than bonds. It is therefore likely that at some point the portfolio will hold 60% of equities and 40% of bonds. Our investor is thus exposed to a risk superior to the risk he is willing to accept, as equities are riskier than bonds. To realign a portfolio to a target risk level, one rebalance it, meaning one sells the surplus of stocks and, with the cash generated by the sale, buy bonds to return to the 50%-50% balance. This implies that the investor who rebalances actually sells holdings with the highest prices to increase its holdings with the lowest prices. Buy low and sell high is a basic principle to grow one's wealth.

How much does Easyvest cost?

Easyvest charges one single fee between 0.5% and 1.0% p.a. of your total asset under custody. A fraction of this percentage is charged at the end of each month.

How does Easyvest's investment approach help reduce the tax burden of investing?

By reducing the number of transactions to a minimum, Easyvest's investment methodology minimizes the impact of the tax on stock exchange transactions. The use of ETFs is a great financial product in terms of tax optimisation since, at this stage, equity ETFs are not subject to any tax on capital gain in Belgium.

What is the free portfolio audit offered by Easyest?

Easyvest offers a free audit of your existing portfolio held with other wealth managers. Our short report takes the form of an intuitive infographic presenting 4 elements: the allocation, the risk, the fees and the performance of your portfolio.

I am not Belgian can I open an account at Easyvest?

Yes, it is possible to open an account at Easyvest even if you are not Belgian. We welcome anyone who shares our investment philosophy.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

There is no limit to the number of people a customer can refer. Do not hesitate to refer a maximum of people you know!

Is there an exit fee?

There is no exit fee. However, you will have to support the taxes applicable on your transactions (taxes on operations, withholding tax...)

What would happen to my money if Easyvest goes bankrupt?

For your safety, Easyvest doesn’t hold your assets on its own accounts but on a personal and segregated account opened under your name at the brokerage firm Leleux Associated Brokers (Leleux). If Easyvest goes bankrupt, you can recover your assets at Leleux.

Is there an entry fee?

There is no entry fee or any sort of upfront fee. However, you will have to support the taxes applicable on your transactions (taxes on operations, withholding tax...)

What are the transaction fees?

There are no transaction fees when you build your portfolio or when you rebalance your portfolio following a significant deviation from your target risk profile. You can also change you risk profile and rebalance once a year without any transaction fee. If you add money or decide to sell part or all your portfolio, there is no transaction fee either. Else, any transaction on the ETFs highlighted in the investment approach of Easyvest costs 5 euros. In any case, you will have to support the taxes applicable on your transactions (taxes on operations, withholding tax...)

Has the business model of Easyvest been proven somewhere else?

The investment and commercial approaches of Easyvest have been implemented by many companies in the US, the UK, Canada and other European countries. If Easyvest is a pioneer in Belgium, its business model has proven successful and convinced tens of thousands of investors worldwide.

What is an Easyvalet?

An Easyvalet is an employee of Easyvest devoted to assist you whenever you feel it is necessary.

Learn about our performance app and how performance is calculated

Detailed information about how to interpret the data showed in our performance application.

I don’t live in Belgium can I open an account at Easyvest?

Yes, it is possible to open an account at Easyvest even if you don't live in Belgium. We welcome anyone who shares our investment philosophy

Can I open an account for a civil company of common law?

You can open an account with Easyvest for civil company of common law. All we need are three elements: the contract of constitution, the articles of a company, the identity of the partners and managers. Practically, create a user account on our platform, use your email address as user name and proceed normally with the account opening.

Does passive investing perform better than active investing?

Financial literature as a whole suggests that passive investing outperforms, on average and over the long run, the average active investor. William F. Sharp, Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990 for his research on financial assets valuation, explains in the introduction of a study published in 2002: "Indexed investing is a strategy designed to match a market, not beat it. Done properly, it can be cheap and tax-efficient. After costs and taxes, an indexed investor in a market can beat the average active investor". Other more digestible works such as best-selling Burton Malkiel, "A random walk down wall street" explain why the average investor should prefer passive investing to active investing.

Can I open multiple portfolios?

yes, it is possible to open multiple portfolio, for yourself or to be held with other people like your wife or an investment club

How can I start investing with Easyvest?

You can start investing by clicking on the "Invest now" button on the top right corner every page on our website

What are the costs charged by the ETF funds?

The costs charged by the funds are the management fees paid to the issuers of the ETFs for managing the funds and making sure they closely track their benchmark indices. Easyvest is not retroceded anything on these fees.

Are you authorized by the financial regulator?

Easyvest SPRL is an agent in banking and investment services for Leleux Associated Brokers, authorized and regulated by the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority, no. FSMA 114522 cB

Can I open an account for a company?

You can open an account with Easyvest for company. You will need to provide a few informations :  Articles of the company, names and IDs of the manager(s), names and IDs of any beneficiary owning more than 25% of the economical rights Practically, create a user account on our website. Use your email address as username and proceed normally with the account opening. During the onboarding process, you will be asked to share some personal information. At this stage, you will be able to specify that you want to open an account for a company. To complete the account opening, you will need to identify all the shareholders of company as well as the manager(s), if not among the shareholders.

Is there a minimum size to open an account?

We open accounts for our clients starting at 5000 euros. Below that amount, it is technically not possible to build a balanced portfolio where all assets are represented in the right proportions. Besides, we recommend our clients to keep the first 5000 euros of their saving in cash for urgent needs.

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