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Matthieu Remy

Matthieu Remy

04 Oct 2016
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Can I open an account for a civil company of common law?

You can open an account with easyvest for civil company of common law. All we need are three elements:

  1. The contract of constitution
  2. The articles of a company
  3. The identity of the partners and managers

Practically, create a user account on our platform. Use your email address as username and proceed normally with the account opening.

During the onboarding process, you will be asked to share some personal information. At this stage, you will be able to specify that you want to open an account for a company. Though a civil company of common law is not strict speaking a segregated entity, it is structured as such with its articles, associates and managers.

To complete the account opening, you will need to identify all the members of civil company, including the manager(s), if he is not one of the partners. These people may be added to the online questionnaire.

You will also need to share a copy of the articles and constitution contract to allow easyvest to identify all stakeholders and understand of the rules that have been established for the civil company (e.g. powers of different partners). The articles and the constitution contract can be uploaded online once the questionnaire is completed.

Last updated on 4/10/2016

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