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Ask for an audit

easyvest provides a free portfolio audit allowing you to take an objective look at your current wealth management.

Why ask for an audit?

Your portfolio is already managed by a financial advisor? You may be paying higher fees than expected, taking more risk than you think, and getting a lower performance than of equivalent investments. You want to find out? Ask for a free audit

What will you receive?

We will send you an infographic presenting the asset allocation, the risk, the total fees and the past performance of your portfolio, which we compare to an easyvest portfolio with an equivalent risk. Read more

What do you need to do?

Send us a portfolio statement from your bank. We will send you an audit report within 5 days. Protecting your privacy matters to us, therefore we treat all your personal data with the utmost confidentiality.

Why is it free?

With this audit, we initiate a dialogue to help you better manage your investments and hope to gain your trust. Although many people requesting an audit decide to invest with easyvest, this action is no binding at all.

Request your audit
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