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How does Easyvest work?


We listen to your needs.

Where are you in your financial life and what are your investment goals? Grow your capital? Prepare your pension? Generate an income?


We build your portfolio.

Our algorithms recommend you a personalized investment plan that can be fine-tuned with your private advisor.


We follow you day after day.

Once you are set up, we alert you of recommended updates and you can monitor your portfolio evolution on our platform.



Simulate your PIA

Why choose Easyvest ?

  • You invest like a Nobel Prize winner

    Developed at Harvard, our passive investment approach is based on Nobel Prize winning theories and tends to outperform traditional active managers by 2% per year.

  • You lower your taxes

    To maximize your return, our algorithms structure your assets in an optimal combination of fiscal accounts adapted to your situation (e.g. investment account, IPA)

  • You are assisted by a private advisor

    You enjoy the power of technology and the conviviality of a financial advisor. You manage your account online and your Easyvalet assists you on demand.


About Easyvest.

Easyvest received the Rise Award of the most innovative company, along with 500.000€, from the Brussels Government to pursue the development of its financial artificial intelligence.

Easyvest, the Belgian Fintech that launched the first automated wealth management website.

As of today, Easyvest can also help you plan for and invest in your pension.

Easyvest developed a digital tool that helps you to better grasp your financial future and your pension.

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