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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

10 Apr 2024
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How to become a millionaire through market investment

Are you wondering how to become a millionaire and secure one million euros through market investment? It's a dream many have, and with the right approach, it's achievable. In this blog, we'll delve into calculating the monthly savings required to become a millionaire in 10, 20, 30, or 40 years.

With a bit of discipline, it is possible to accumulate 1 million euros thanks to the stock market

Long-term investment: the key to success

Becoming a millionaire doesn't happen overnight, except perhaps by winning the lottery. "Slowly but surely" is the mantra that best suits this goal. Slowly, because it's a mission spanning several decades, and surely, because with rigor and discipline, the chances of accumulating one million euros are fortunately high.

Compound interest: the engine of success

With rigor and discipline, you can rely on a special ingredient, a wealth accelerator: compound interest. This mechanism reinvests interest earned on a capital year after year, allowing that capital to grow exponentially over time. It's a compelling argument for the aspiring millionaire.

The importance of diversification

To achieve both high and stable returns, the stock market is essential. The word “market” is very important here, because it is not a question of betting on a few stocks with high potential: this strategy would be far too risky in the long term. Diversification is crucial for becoming a millionaire. Investing in stocks through a global equity ETF allows you to benefit from the overall market performance, reducing the risk of volatility.


Optimizing portfolio allocation

With an investment horizon of several decades, the equity component should be predominant in an investment portfolio. Our simulations are based on a portfolio composed of 89% global equities, 9% eurozone government bonds, and 2% cash.

Maintaining discipline by investing monthly

Discipline in investment requires two types of effort: staying invested throughout the period and investing regularly. Regular investment is also a good risk management strategy, minimizing the impact of volatility and reducing the stress of timing the market.

Your journey to becoming a millionaire

Not everyone can invest at the same pace. To reach the one million euro goal, we present a matrix that indicates the monthly effort required based on your initial investment (between €10.000 and €100.000) and your investment horizon (between 10 and 40 years). These amounts correspond to projections for a median scenario, that is to say for which you will have a 50% chance of arriving beyond the objective of one million euros and a 50% chance of arrive below a million euros.

 Over 10 yearsOver 20 yearsOver 30 yearsOver 40 years
Initial investment:Monthly effort:

Start early for better results

The contrast in the monthly effort required for horizons below or above 20 years is striking. Beyond this point, the dream becomes much more attainable with three-figure savings levels, or even below €500 per month, regardless of the initial investment, for a 40-year investment horizon. If you're in your forties and a million is your retirement goal, it's time to wake up!

Don't forget inflation

Note that the figures in the table above are derived from simulations and assumptions of future market returns and are not a guarantee of results. All investments involve risks and may result in losses. Also, due to inflation, 1 million euros today will probably not confer the same purchasing power in 20 or 40 years.

Start investing now with Easyvest

Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to investment. Don't wait any longer to set your goal and start your investment routine! Use our website to simulate, get in touch with one of our managers, and increase your chances of becoming a millionaire... soon enough to truly enjoy it.

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