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Matthieu Remy

Matthieu Remy

24 Feb 2021
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easyvest raises 3 million euros to become the European leader in PensionTech

Brussels, February 25, 2021. Easyvest, a Brussels scale-up specialist in online investment, announces a capital increase of 3 million euros to accelerate its growth and transform the way Belgians plan their pensions.

Easyvest raises € 3M to become leader in Pensiontech

Led by a panel of entrepreneurs, industry and financing experts (Alfred Bouckaert, Jacques-Martin Philippson, Xavier Pansaers, SRIB, Fabrice Wuyts, Jean-Louis Van Houwe,...), in both the northern and southern parts of the country, this roundtable gives easyvest the means to implement its vision: ensure and simplify Belgians’ pensions. To meet its growth targets, the team is expected to grow from 5 to 20 people by the end of 2021.

"Since 2016, we've been showing our clients that there is no more rational investment - and more profitable in the long term - than the global market. This observation completely transforms the way of investing: with a few clicks your money can be placed in index funds around the world and your investments are tracked in real time, on your smartphone. This logic of simplification, transparency and performance, we now want to apply it to the way Belgians plan and live their pensions, financially speaking. Pensions are a colossal societal challenge and easyvest wants to position itself as the private actor who transforms the way of looking at it, from the savers as well as public authorities point of view. Ultimately, our ambition is to make easyvest the European leader in PensionTech", explains Matthieu Remy, CEO and co-founder of easyvest.

easyvest is about to deploy in its mobile app pension planning functionalities including dynamic views, projections, optimization advice as well as a system of direct contact with expert advisers."Our intention remains unchanged: to offer everyone simple and efficient investment solutions", concludes Matthieu Remy.

"The world of pensions has been turned upside down by low interest rates, large fluctuations in asset values and solvency requirements," explains Alfred Bouckaert."This context no longer allows traditional players to take commissions while leaving a sufficient return to their clients. The future therefore belongs to players able to reduce their overheads while ensuring long-term profitability for future pensioners: this is precisely the disruptive model proposed by easyvest."

"For me, who went through different statuses during my career, pension has always been both a crucial and very complex subject, underlines Xavier Pansaers, administrator of several technology companies and now board member of easyvest. Today, as an entrepreneur and investor, I am delighted to participate in the development of easyvest, which I believe is the simplest and most effective solution to the pension problem."

About easyvest

easyvest SRL was created in 2016 by Matthieu Remy (Civil Engineer UCL, 2006) and Corentin Scavée (Louvain School of Management, 2006), after Matthieu’s return from an MBA at Harvard. Convinced that better ways of investing could be offered more cheaply to savers, they founded their business on principles developed by Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz and popularized as "robo-advisors". easyvest now assists 750 clients in the management of 50 million euros of investments. The company is a banking and investment services agent, as well as a life insurance broker.

Contact & interviews

Matthieu Remy, co-founder and CEO
+32 499 94 13 70

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Note: This article was written when Easyvest was authorized and regulated by the FSMA as an agent in banking and investment services.

Easyvest is a brand of EASYVEST NV/SA, with company number 0631.809.696, authorized and regulated by the Belgian Authority for Financial Services and Markets (FSMA) as a portfolio management company and as a broker in insurances, with registered office at Rue de Praetere 2/4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Copyright 2024 EASYVEST NV/SA. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in loss.