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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

14 Feb 2024
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Meet Michel from Easyvest

Michel Ulaj, 30 years old. Home: Vilvoorde. Title: Wealth Manager.

Michel Ulaj, Wealth Manager at Easyvest.

You weren't looking for a new job before joining Easyvest. And yet...

Indeed, change was not at all on the agenda! Before that I was an investment advisor at KBC and I was very satisfied with my job. But I am a dynamic and curious person, so when Corentin contacted me via LinkedIn, I wanted to know more... And I ended up taking the plunge.

For what ?

Index management corresponds 100% to my values: it is a high-performance, rational and inexpensive strategy. I am convinced that this is what 99% of the population needs in terms of investment. Easyvest's offer is simple, to-the-point, and as an employer, Easyvest had "that little something extra" that ended up convincing me.

Going from a traditional bank to a scale-up with a strong digital dimension, does that not scare you?

Absolutely not. Before KBC, I spent 6 months in a startup in New York and then I joined Aion bank where everything was to be done during the launch in Belgium in 2020. It was a fascinating environment, with a very flat structure that made me gave me the chance to be in close contact with the top management of the bank. Furthermore, I am 100% familiar with the products offered by Easyvest. The only thing to learn are systems and processes!

Personally, what kind of investor are you?

I invest 60% in ETFs and 40% in individual stocks, but I plan to gradually increase to 80%/20%. I am also a fan of real estate; I have made a few investments of this type in the Brussels region.

Other hobbies?

Sport, in particular cycling, running and Thai boxing, which I have practiced quite intensively for more than 10 years. What does it get me? Discipline, humility and self-confidence.

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