How it works

You can start investing with Easyvest in a few simple steps.

1. Create your account

Opening an account is always one click away from anywhere on our website. Just click the “Invest Now” button to start opening your account.

2. Determine your investor profile

We need to identify the risk that is right for you before building your personalized portfolio. You will therefore complete a risk assessment questionnaire to define your investor profile.

3. Choose your personalized portfolio

A recommended investment portfolio will be proposed to you based on your investor profile. Your Easyvalet will call you to review this recommendation, make potential adjustments, and validate it.

4. Sign your documents

To comply with Belgian financial regulations, you will need to sign contracts to validate your account opening. Your Easyvalet will assist you through the reading and understanding of these documents.

5. Transfer your money

Once you have decided how much you want to invest initially, you will be asked to transfer the money to your personal investment account via a standard wired transfer.

6. Invest your money

Once your account is funded and your portfolio is defined, Easyvest will ask you to confirm the trades and will then build your portfolio for you.

7. Monitor your portfolio

You access your portfolio from anywhere at any time via our secured website. You receive a monthly email with your portfolio status. Your Easyvalet is always there for you in case of question.

8. Rebalance your portfolio

Overtime your portfolio may deviate from its initial investment objective. Easyvest monitors deviations continuously, alerts you if need be, and transmits the transactions for execution when a rebalancing is validated.

9. Add money to your portfolio

Over time you may want to add money to your portfolio. Every time you do, Easyvest will also rebalance your portfolio to re-align it with your investment objectives.

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