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Matthieu Remy

Matthieu Remy

27 May 2021
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Behind easyvest : take a backstage tour

Become an expert on trackers, stocks, bonds, financial markets strategies : this is obviously what we wish for all (future) Easyvest clients. But not only ! With Behind Easyvest, we take you elsewhere, behind the scenes of our business, which is much more than just financial. Here is the reason for this initiative.

Behind easyvest : take a backstage tour

Sharing knowledge is part of our DNA

From the rebranding exercise that we are conducting, it appears that the dominant archetype of the easyvest brand is that of the "Sage": a trusted source of information that helps to better understand the world. By nature, therefore, we like to share our knowledge, and this goes beyond the financial world. Unveiling our functional businesses, sharing our successes and failures in each of easyvest's dimensions - technical, legal, commercial - also corresponds to this desire for transmission.

For those interested in "Fin", "Tech" or both

Behind easyvest will not be a series of blogs addressed specifically to investors, but rather to those interested in startups in general and fintechs in particular. We will discuss the challenges encountered by almost all Belgian startups, described through our experience and our financial prism, but with general lessons. For our clients, the idea is to reveal ourselves: behind our investment plans and our application, there are faces and issues that you might like to know better.

Demystifying the world of insurance and investment

Our intention has always been to question the status quo of the financial sector, by the products we offer, the way we distribute them, and of course, by the way we communicate. Behind easyvest lifts the veil on what goes on in the generally hushed lounges of an investment firm or insurance broker. Because we believe more in the power of collective intelligence than in the power of secrecy. And because there is more to learn from the daily life of each member of our team than from a press release ;-)

Breaking down the life cycle of start-ups in Belgium

There is no doubt that Silicon Valley stories are an inspiration to any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur. But Europe and Belgium have undeniable specificities, which many of us have come up against. Labor law, taxation, investment environment, use of languages ... the Belgian course is strewn with pitfalls and we have everything to gain from knowing each other's mistakes to avoid reproducing them.

Coming soon: how to find your "product-market fit"

As these challenges are not always well covered in the Belgian media space, we are very excited to share them. You should already know that the first episode of Behind easyvest will talk about the process we have put in place to assess our "product-market fit", that is to say the degree to which a product or a service satisfies a market demand. A relatively simple process to implement… but very powerful and which gave rise to quite a few surprises.

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Note: This article was written when Easyvest was authorized and regulated by the FSMA as an agent in banking and investment services.

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