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Matthieu Remy

Matthieu Remy

06 Dec 2021
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Is your money safe with easyvest?

Whether you are a first-time client or new to the easyvest community, you may be wondering how we keep our clients' money safe. Answer in 5 points.

Is your money safe with easyvest?

Easyvest is registered with the FSMA

The FSMA is the “watchdog” or the regulator of the financial markets in Belgium. Its mission is to protect financial services clients by guaranteeing them honest, fair and transparent treatment. As a banking services agent and insurance broker, easyvest is registered with the FSMA, which ensures that our services and processes comply with applicable regulations. Otherwise, the FSMA would ban us from operating.

Your assets are deposited into a segregated account in your name

When you invest money through easyvest, this money does not arrive in our bank account, but in a separate account in your name with what is called a custodian bank. This is a financial institution whose sole function is to hold your assets. Your money therefore does not enter easyvest's balance sheet and will not be impacted in the event of our business going bankrupt.

Your deposits are guaranteed up to €100.000

The custodian bank subscribes to what is called in Belgium the "Guarantee Fund for deposits and financial instruments", which protects your deposits up to €100.000 and your financial instruments up to €20.000. It intervenes when an establishment can no longer meet its obligations, in the event of bankruptcy or fraud, in particular.

Our IT infrastructure is at the forefront of data protection

All of easyvest's infrastructure is managed by companies considered to be cybersecurity experts such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Their services are used by many banks and governments, which allows easyvest to automatically benefit from the most advanced securities available on the market.

Passive investing is the least risky stock market investment strategy

Easyvest specializes in passive investing, a strategy consisting in following the market rather than trying to beat it. By becoming an easyvest client, you invest in diversified index funds of Eurozone government bonds and equities from around the world. Zero risk certainly does not exist on the stock market, but with such a level of diversification, this risk is greatly reduced.

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Note: This article was written when Easyvest was authorized and regulated by the FSMA as an agent in banking and investment services.

Easyvest is a brand of EASYVEST NV/SA, with company number 0631.809.696, authorized and regulated by the Belgian Authority for Financial Services and Markets (FSMA) as a portfolio management company and as a broker in insurances, with registered office at Rue de Praetere 2/4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Copyright 2024 EASYVEST NV/SA. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in loss.