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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

14 Feb 2024
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Meet Andrés from easyvest

Andrés Jorge Buysse, 33. Home: Ghent. Title: Customer Success Manager.

Meet Andrés from easyvest

As a predominantly French-speaking Brussels start-up, it is not easy to attract Dutch-speaking employees. Not even afraid… ?

Not at all ! When I was young I studied at College Paters Jozefieten in Melle. There were a lot of French-speaking students in my class, making the level of French very high. Later, at TreeTop, I also worked in a rather French-speaking environment. As with easyvest, I was particularly involved in the development of Flanders. More generally, I am convinced that mastering languages is a huge asset in a career… And anyway, everyone speaks English at easyvest!

Convincing the Flemish to trust easyvest, a challenge?

Whether they are Flemish or not, I just think that most of our potential clients have always trusted their banker and are not aware that there are other possibilities for their money. Our biggest challenge is to publicize passive investing and show that we are very competitive compared to traditional private banking. These arguments can convince anyone.

Are you thinking about your pension?

Honestly, no, because there is still a long way to go. But I know the importance of saving, setting goals and enjoying life. What I'm seeing, however, is that my generation is increasingly interested in the stock market and cryptocurrencies. They are a curious generation, allergic to costs and middlemen. easyvest is the ideal solution to get these young people to take their first steps on the stock market and, with a strong brand and a simple and fun pension planning app, to make them think about their finances in the longer term.

You thought at one time of having a military career or joining the police. No regrets ?

No ! I wanted action and physical activity, but sport can be played outside of work and is a big part of my life - running, squash, swimming. In addition, the world of banking is closely linked to economic and political contexts, you learn a lot in a short time and I do not regret this choice at all.

What do your friends and family think about you joining easyvest?

Almost no one knew the company, but all were unanimous: it is time to reinvent the world of banking and insurance; fintech is the future; easyvest seems to have a very strong proposition and team; now is the time to take that risk in your career, go for it!

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Note: This article was written when Easyvest was authorized and regulated by the FSMA as an agent in banking and investment services.

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