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Matthieu Remy

Matthieu Remy

28 Apr 2021
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Meet Camille from easyvest

Camille Van Vyve, 37, married, 3 children. Home: Mexico City. Title: Content Strategist.

Meet Camille from easyvest

What convinced you to join easyvest?

Corentin! We were on the university benches together, doing Business Engineering at UCL. The good times… Although we took very different paths afterwards, we remained very good friends. The planets aligned when easyvest set out in search of a profile specializing in content creation and when I myself had made a small shift from pure journalism to content strategy for tech start-ups. The good thing about COVID was that no one objected to me carrying out this mission from Mexico City, where we have been based for two years because of my husband's work.

What is your role in the team?

Unsurprisingly, I am the journalist of the house. I research and write blog posts on topics that may be of interest to our customers and prospects. I try to deliver this content in the most effective way possible - through our website, emails and social media posts, for example. But also towards “real” journalists, when the subject deserves a wider echo.

What excites you about it?

The constant search for the right settings. The idea and the content alone are not enough: you have to keep oiling the machine to reach the right people at the right time. This "fine-tuning" is done in close collaboration with Aurélien, our Performance Marketer (aka Growth Hacker, even if Aurélien does not like this term 😉). And that also requires trade-offs: what I personally deem to be a good blog title may not be the best title to rank well on Google, for example. It's not all black and white, but the important thing is to be able to directly measure the impact of our actions.

A pivotal moment in your career?

I am more and more convinced of the importance of people in the development of a professional career. I joined easyvest under the impetus of two friends from college, Corentin and Matthieu. I started Wilfried magazine with two former colleagues from Roularta - the company that publishes Trends magazine for which I worked for 10 years. My experience at Riaktr is not unrelated to an interview with its then CEO, Sébastien Deletaille, carried out for an article for Trends. The hinges, in my case, have always been the people.

A dream ?

In line with everything else: writing a novel.

A regret ?

Sometimes I think to myself that I should have done more scientific studies. Marketing, finance, communication are subjects that can be learned more easily on the job than the hard sciences - in which I also include computer science. And I still can't get rid of this somewhat old-fashioned idea that real progress comes from science.

Where do you see easyvest in two years?

I think we will have succeeded in creating a strong brand, with a very recognizable identity. And I would like us to take up the challenge of becoming the leading pension planning app in Belgium. The product team is developing something really innovative on this subject: for this to work, there will be a lot of education and communication work to be done!

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