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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

28 Jul 2021
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Meet Jim from easyvest

Jim Stockman, 23 years old. Home: Braine-l’Alleud. Title: Full Stack Developer.

Meet Jim from easyvest

You have just completed two internships, one with a tour operator and the second with easyvest. Not really the same world ...

Clearly not ! Neither the same world, nor the same role, for that matter. But ultimately it was a great transition: in my previous internship, I worked with React web development technology, and at easyvest, with React Native, its equivalent for mobile application development. This means that in just six months, I have acquired a solid experience in cutting-edge technology that I did not know at all.

What do you do exactly at easyvest?

I am contributing to the development of the PensionApp which will be released soon. A tricky part is retrieving public data to integrate it into the application. The mechanism is obviously completely legal but is not without constraints in terms of process and above all, it is about minimizing the weight of these processes in the operation of our app.

What do you like about easyvest?

People's curiosity for the work of other departments and the general level of the team. It's also very nice to have a CEO who knows IT, values it and, above all, gets his hands dirty. It’s very different in context from what I’ve experienced in the past.

Pension, do you think about it?

Above all, I believe that I have not yet taken enough interest in the subject. So, I can't say if there is an emergency or not, if I should work on it or not. I am a happy ignoramus, but my job at easyvest will undoubtedly open my eyes.

How do you see your future?

Professionally, I know that I will have a freelance career. I am already a director of a consulting company for which I also intend to offer my services. In fact, I am interested in everything, and it is therefore more the environment in which I am that guides my journey: if I ever have to become a network technician, no problem! I also have a penchant for manual labor and combat sports, in real or virtual life. When the circumstances allow me to get back to it, I will put on my boxing gloves again ;-)

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