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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

14 Feb 2024
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Meet Pierre from easyvest

Pierre Vanobbergen, 23 years old. Home: Brussels. Title: Full Stack Developer.

Meet Pierre from easyvest

easyvest for you, it’s rather a comeback, right?

Yes ! I started by doing an internship there in the 3rd computer science bachelor. In fact Matthieu had already suggested it to me before, but I was not yet sure enough of myself at the time: I preferred to learn my skills elsewhere before putting my first foot into it. And then this year, the last of my studies marked by the Covid and therefore with a lot of time to kill, I was offered a second project, which I gladly accepted.

What do you like about easyvest?

The fact that you are trusted 100% from day one, no matter how senior you are. When I arrived two years ago I was told: we need to develop a mobile application, you have four months ahead, build us something! I started from scratch, we had to develop an app that we could maintain over time and that was compatible with Android and iOS. I worked like crazy and after 3 months I had a V1. When Charles and Matthieu told me that they were going to send an email to the customers and we saw the downloads start, it was really a huge satisfaction.

What is your challenge this year?

There have been several, but from the customers' point of view, perhaps the most important is the “re-creation” of DocuSign, this application for signing PDFs. This was a huge priority for easyvest in order to facilitate the customer experience, but for various reasons we were unable to use an existing solution. So I coded our own e-signature solution myself, which is pretty much operational.

You barely finished your studies; I imagine that you are still far from thinking about your pension?

I don't think about it as such, but I think about my future. I realize that you have to invest now to secure your future. As soon as I have a stable income, I will invest some of it.

Are you planning an episode 3 at easyvest?

I like the idea, but at the same time I wonder if I might prefer to continue training. My school years went by very quickly and today I feel above all a generalist, good at what I do but not overly good at anything in particular. Why not take additional training in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence or machine learning? Being able to process large data sets has really become a key skill.

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