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Matthieu Remy

Matthieu Remy

14 Sep 2022
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Easyvest wants to improve the Belgian pension with its new pension planner

Brussels, September 15, 2022. It had been in the cards for over a year. The ambition of easyvest, a Brussels fintech specializing in passive investment, is now materializing: its pension planner, downloaded more than 1000 times over a single weekend, encourages Belgians to act now to improve their pension.

Easyvest: New planner to improve Belgian pension

Why ?

Because the Belgian pension system is complex. Who knows exactly how much he will get, and when?

Because in addition to being complicated, the pension often seems distant, boring, even frightening. We prefer not to think about it!

But procrastination puts future pensioners in danger, because for many, the sum of the legal and supplementary pensions will not be enough. With its pension planner, easyvest provides Belgians with a simple tool that allows them to act now to plan retirement with peace of mind.

How ?

The easyvest application allows you to gather all your pension data in one place (statutory pension, supplementary pension, pension savings), to determine a pension objective that corresponds to your needs, and to take action directly by opening a savings plan to achieve this objective.

For who ?

For all Belgians. The application is free and the planner allows an unlimited number of simulations. In addition, the suggested savings plan takes everyone's situation into account. Here is what a first-time user has to say:

“The easyvest app is almost a public service. Everyone should do the exercise right away. Since, intuitively, nobody knows how to anticipate compound interest and inflation, it is essential to have a calculator like this.”

Take the test!

Download the easyvest app for free and do a complete check-up of your pension now.

More info and interviews

Matthieu Remy, co-founder and CEO
+32 499 94 13 70

About easyvest

Easyvest SRL is a financial advisor with a strong digital dimension that helps Belgians to simply build performant investment and pension plans. Created in 2016 by Matthieu Remy (UCL Electrical Engineer, 2006, Harvard Business School MBA, 2012) and Corentin Scavée (Louvain School of Management, 2006), easyvest serves 1.500 clients for whom it manages 90 million euros of investments. In 2021, the company raised a series A of €3M from Belgian finance entrepreneurs including Luc Geuten (Mitiska), Alfred Bouckaert, Jacques-Martin Philippson and finance&
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Easyvest is a brand of EASYVEST NV/SA, with company number 0631.809.696, authorized and regulated by the Belgian Authority for Financial Services and Markets (FSMA) as a portfolio management company and as a broker in insurances, with registered office at Rue de Praetere 2/4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Copyright 2024 EASYVEST NV/SA. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in loss.