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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

13 Feb 2024
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Invest with your partner without the fuss

A third of the accounts opened with easyvest are joint accounts, generally between partners. A possibility rarely offered for online securities accounts… which nevertheless has a lot of advantages.

Invest with your partner without the fuss

Account in joint ownership

What is commonly called “a joint account” is actually an account in joint ownership between two people, usually partners. It makes it possible to grow the savings built up during the life of a couple, with a view to carrying out joint projects. Note that in an account in joint ownership, unless otherwise provided by contract, the two holders are deemed to hold the assets 50/50, which obviously has implications in the event of succession.

The investment becomes the business of the couple

By opening a joint investment account, you make investing a matter of couple, which is rarely the case. A good way to involve your partner in financial decisions and to create, or consolidate, a common base of knowledge in this area.


Each holder must complete their MiFID profile

In the case of a securities account, the regulations in force require that the two co-holders complete the MiFID questionnaire before opening the account. At easyvest, we offer co-holders the possibility of choosing the answers of only one of them to questions about the couple's financial situation and investment objectives. These answers will determine the “common” risk profile and the type of portfolio offered.

Passive investing to avoid conflicts

To prevent one of the members of the couple from being held responsible for a bad investment decision, passive investing is the ideal solution: it is a question of following the market rather than trying to beat it, by exposing its portfolio to listed companies around the world for the long term. Portfolio management therefore requires very little involvement and above all, does not arouse debate.

Even simpler: call on a third party

Moreover, by choosing easyvest, you are assisted in determining this strategy, which guarantees household peace! Depending on your investment objectives and the established risk profile, always with your consent, your advisor will carry out the necessary monitoring to ensure that your portfolio remains in line with these objectives at all times.

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