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Camille Van Vyve

Camille Van Vyve

22 Mar 2023
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Your neighbour could be an easyvest client

Launched in Brussels in 2016, easyvest keeps the reputation of being “very Brussels”. But after 7 years of existence, it is clear that our customers come from all over Belgium (and beyond!). The number of portfolios opened in Flanders is almost equal to the sum of those opened in Brussels and Wallonia...

Your neighbour could be an easyvest client

27% of our portfolios in Brussels

In case you had this misconception about easyvest: less than a third of our portfolios are for Brussels customers! Yes, of course, the municipalities where we have the most customers are located in Brussels, and each of the 19 municipalities in the capital has at least one easyvest customer. But this concentration does not reflect the demographic reality of our customer base as a whole.

Flanders No. 1

Flanders is actually the region most represented in easyvest's client base: 48% of our portfolios are opened in Flanders compared to 25% in Wallonia and 27% in Brussels. Our notoriety in the North of the country, initially low, has grown over time, thanks in particular to the recruitment of Dutch-speaking advisers and our panel of investors from the three regions of the country.

The champion municipality: Ixelles

Is it a coincidence? The municipality where easyvest's head office is located is also the one with the most customers. After Ixelles, two other Brussels municipalities occupy the second and third steps of the podium: Uccle and Woluwé-Saint-Pierre.

The champion province after Brussels: Flemish Brabant

When you leave the capital, three Flemish provinces stand out. Flemish Brabant first, followed by Antwerp in East Flanders. Walloon Brabant (three times less populated than Flemish Brabant) comes in fourth place. Unsurprisingly, it is Luxembourg, the province of the Kingdom with the fewest inhabitants, which is also the least represented among easyvest's customers.

From Bastogne to Westende via Trooz and Tiegem

The conclusion of this little analysis is that eayvest customers are almost everywhere! They are between 1 and 92 years old, live in towns or villages, are French or Dutch speaking. But they share the same desire for performance and transparency for their investments.

A 5 star solution for Belgians abroad

In addition, we also have more and more Belgian customers established abroad. There are some in Congo, Australia, India, the Emirates… and even in Iceland! What brings them to easyvest? The simplicity with which they can invest in euros, in a Belgian institution established in Belgium, in particular to supplement the pension rights they have lost by settling abroad.

You thought that easyvest was not for you?

Well you were wrong! You probably have a neighbour, cousin or friend of a friend who is a customer with us. Regardless of the size of their portfolio, they receive the same personalized service, in their mother tongue, as all other easyvest customers. So don't wait any longer and join the ranks of our beautiful national community of passive investors... and happy to be!

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