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Rational and Performant Investing

Easyvest manages the wealth of wise and demanding investors.
We select the best ETF’s and follow stocks and bonds markets indices to maximize your potential return.
It’s simple and extremely effective.

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For the second time in a row, Easyvest has been awarded the title of "Best in Test" by Testachats, the number one consumer association in Belgium.

Maximize your performance on the long term

Historically, the index investment approach tends to outperform traditional Belgian managers across all risk profiles.

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Simulate your investment

Where are you in your financial life and what are your investment goals? Growing capital? Prepare for retirement? Generate an annuity? You can simulate all these scenarios for free on our platform.


Optimize your plan with the help of one of our advisors

Our algorithms recommend a personalized investment plan that can be refined with your private portfolio manager during a simple phone call or a visit to our offices.


Follow the evolution of your plan at any time

Once invested, we alert you of our management decisions. You follow the evolution of your portfolio on our app. If you wish to change anything, we are at your disposal.

Choose your personal plan

Open an Investment Portfolio

Individual Self-employed General Investing Retirement Planning Retirement Income

The most classic investment account, performant and low-cost.

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Open a Joint Investment Account

Couple General Investing Retirement Planning Retirement Income Structure a donation

The investment account for your couple, whether you are married or not.

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Open a Company Investment Account

Company General Investing Retirement Planning Structure a donation

For your management company, SME, or multi-national.

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Open an Investment Account for a Kid

Minor Child General Investing Retirement Planning Structure a donation

Put financially your kids on orbit with an invesment plan tailored for them.

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Open a Family Investment Account

Collective General Investing Retirement Income Structure a donation

Structure your estate in indivision, usufructuary/bareownership.

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Open an Company individual pension agreement

CIPA Retirement Planning Company Director

Fiscal optimization and the 80%-rule explained in lemon terms.

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Open a Free supplementary pension self-employed

Self-employed FSP Retirement Planning

The classic of the classics to plan a freelance’s pension.

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Open a Individual Pension Agreement Self-employed

Self-employed PIPA Retirement Planning

The new fiscal optimization enveloppe for every freelance.

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Generate a Periodic Retirement Income

Individual Couple Usufruct / Bare Property Retirement Income Structure a donation

Get a periodic revenue from the capital you entrust us with.

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Join 2.953 satisfied customers

We already manage €190 million for them.

Testimonial client Alexia Easyvest

I have an investment account where I add money on a regular basis to buy a house in 5 years.

Alexia Z., 28 yo

Testimonial client David Easyvest

Company director, I plan my pension with tax efficient CIPA and an investment account.

David M., 37 yo

Testimonial client Elisabeth & Pierre Easyvest

We have a joint account aiming at generating an automatic annuity while preserving our capital.

Elisabeth & Pierre B., 66 yo

Testimonial client Michel Easyvest

I have a family investment account used to progressively pass on my estate to my children.

Michel R., 68 yo

Test our approach without further delay

Before committing yourself, take advantage of 3 free services. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website or our app, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Limit your management fees

Investment Account Starting from 0,5% /yr incl. VAT
Life insurance Starting from 0,25% /yr incl. VAT

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Easyvest is a brand of EASYVEST NV/SA, with company number 0631.809.696, authorized and regulated by the Belgian Authority for Financial Services and Markets (FSMA) as a portfolio management company and as a broker in insurances, with registered office at Rue de Praetere 2/4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Copyright 2024 EASYVEST NV/SA. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in loss.